Rosi Kerr Small Group Lunch

Laura T'13, November 07, 2012 | 0 comments
Tags: community, Dartmouth

One thing that clubs do is bring speakers on campus to discuss current events, initiatives, or goals.  The Net Impact Club, a club focused on social impact activities, businesses, and organizations, recently brought Rosi Kerr, the Director of Sustainability at Dartmouth, to campus to have a lunch with a small group of students.  Rosi was wonderful.  She is incredibly driven, focused, and strategic in her sustainability planning.  She is focused on decreasing the carbon impact of the school, decreasing pollution, increasing recycling, and changing how people think about their daily activities in terms of how they will impact the future and others.  She spoke openly about the challenges she’s had creating massive organizational change, the successes, and how Tuck students can get involved effectively.  We brainstormed more tangible and systematic ways to institutionalize pathways for Tuck students to get involved in the effort.  It was great to get an example of someone who has and is forging her own path and following her passion.  Tuck definitely supports those who want to pursue different paths than the traditional careers, especially as the world around us is changing so much.

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