Section Wars and the End of Fall B

Alice L. – T’14, December 22, 2012 | 0 comments
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We T’14s are a quarter done with our Tuck experience (so sad!) and the time has absolutely blown by. It has been incredible. However, in looking back, the experience has been a bit bittersweet – making it through Fall A and B has been a lot harder than I imagined. You are definitely thrown under a fire hose immediately upon arriving at Tuck and forced to quickly prioritize.
There are so many exciting activities to choose from and you have to make sure you know what you want to get out of your Tuck experience. It’s really easy to get caught up in what others are doing, either with activities or recruiting, but you have to recognize what is best for you. At the same time, classes are tough – especially Fall B. Our course curriculum this past term consisted of DecSci (Decision Sciences, or spreadsheet modeling), Capital Markets, Accounting, Leading Organizations, and Personal Leadership. I’d say I definitely struggled with Accounting and Capital Markets the most. However, the professors, 2nd year tutors, and other classmates are more than willing to take the time to help out. In fact, one of my fellow T’14s practically forced me into an Accounting tutoring session because he knew how much I needed help. In the end, I was actually impressed with the amount of material I had learned over the course of the term and was surprised at how I was able to navigate back and forth from Income Statement to Cash Flow Statement and Balance Sheet on the final exam. It all felt like a daze, but I think I’ve definitely developed the competency to be able to tackle accounting from a managerial perspective.
In order to celebrate the end of the term, the Academic Chair of the Student Board organized what we call “Section Wars” – over the course of Fall B, there are competitions that each section competes in, such as dressing up in a certain theme or participating in volunteer activities. This then all culminates in an evening of heated competition among all 4 sections in games such as Catchphrase, Scattegories, Charades, Flipcup, and “Name that Tuckie”. It was a close call between Section 1 and Section 3, but ultimately, my section (Section 1, the best section) emerged the winner. Our two section leaders rallied all of us for weeks and it all paid off – we now have won the Section Cup, bragging rights, as well as a party hosted by the MBAPO. Recently, however, we were assigned our new sections and study groups for the Winter Term. We are all very excited to get to know other classmates better, but at the same time sad to leave the groups we have grown to know and love (especially if you are Section 1). I’m secretly hoping that the Winter term is nowhere near as crazy as the Fall term, but we will definitely again be hitting the ground running when we return to Hanover in January. I can’t wait. 

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