Sharing Traditions and Celebrating Community - My First Thanksgiving

Arpitha D. T'15, December 03, 2013 | 0 comments
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This week I had an opportunity to take part in yet another "I didn't know before coming to Tuck" but "very Tuck-like" experience.

I just celebrated my first Thanksgiving.

Though I have been in the United States for a little more than two years, I never formally celebrated Thanksgiving. It used to be just a vacation time for me. Not so this year. What's the big deal?

I owe it to Tuck. For many students (especially, international students) who stayed in Hanover during this time, Tuck ensured that we don't miss out on the experience and the culture.
Our MBA Program Office meticulously planned to arrange Thanksgiving host dinners for all of us who remained in town. Tuck staff, including professors, extended their warm invites to us to spend time with their families on the day of Thanksgiving.

There were seven international students (and three partners) in our group. We were hosted by Lauren Morse, Assistant Director of the MBA Program Office, and her amazing family - she shares her experience below! It was a wholesome day of food, fun and laughs.

Every student - whether he/she stayed back in Hanover or not - was touched by the thoughtfulness and the warm gesture. We are all very appreciative of Tuck for making it a success.

From my side, I am quite glad about finding this inclusiveness and being part of a global family at Tuck!


Lauren Morse, Assistant Director, MBA Program Office

I’ve worked at Tuck for six years and this is the first time I’ve hosted students for Thanksgiving.  The MBA Program Office knew there would be students who couldn’t go home for the holiday and organized students to have Thanksgiving with staff and faculty.  My family, including my husband, mother and father, all joined in the festivities and hosted 7 International first-year students and their families.  We all had a wonderful time.  For many of the students, this was their first Thanksgiving and my family and I had the pleasure of explaining Thanksgiving traditions- including turkey, watching football, and of course Black Friday shopping.  I’m not sure if any other business schools do this sort of outreach, but at Tuck the small, strong community makes this sort of interaction possible.  Our Thanksgiving dinner was a chance for me to share a bit about my culture, all while learning a little more about our students- their culture, interests, and families.   It is a tradition that we hope to continue!

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