Snow Falling on Sachem

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We got quite a bit of snow in December and early January.  As someone who very much prefers warmer weather, I both felt a little apprehensive about the snow but must admit I also love how it transforms the landscape and makes everything look so beautiful. There really is something magical about it. We spent our snow days tucked inside, watching the snow fall while wearing our PJs and sipping hot chocolate. Almost as soon as the snow stopped, you could see all the kiddos, decked in head-to-toe snowgear, head outdoors to enjoy the fresh snowfall, building snowpeople or being pulled along in a sled by their parents.

This year both of our boys seem to be old enough to really enjoy frolicking in the snow. One of their favorite acitivies is to walk *through* the snow, letting their feet sink in as high as their knees sometimes, rather than walk on the plowed path. They also love pushing snow around with their shovels. My husband Zach (T'14) has taken our 5yo up to Dartmouth Skiway for ski lessons a few times, which has been a great experience for both of them. This is our last New England winter, and we're trying to make the most of it!



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