Spring is here!

Claire B. TP14, May 01, 2013 | 0 comments
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Though you'd think it's summer, it's 76 degrees today!

We spent all of the weekend outdoors enjoying the warm weather (we're in the 70s all this week, which is incredible).  On Saturday I caught some games of the MBA World Cup tournament hosted up here in Hanover.  I don't know how many schools came in total -- there were many (maybe 12-15?) including some international MBA school teams.)  And Tuck won!  Non-soccer players, partners, tiny tuckies, and dogs all converged on the sidelines to support:

with some TP friends

victors with the cup!

more Tuck soccer players

Speaking of spring, did I mention that Will and several Tuckies (there are enough for 2 teams) are playing intramural softball against Dartmouth undergrad teams every Friday?  Everyone just can't get enough of the warm weather

April feels like it just evaporated into thin air (major highlights being Tuck Gives, ASW, and spring formal this Friday). Mid-May is creeping up, which means Memorial Day is around the corner, which means JUNE is coming! 

I wish I could slow time right now, especially, because Will and I will be spending this summer apart.  I'll stay in Hanover working my full-time job at Dartmouth, and he'll be completing his summer internship in Denver, CO; bunking up with another Tuckie who's also interning (with a different company) in Denver for the summer.  Will wrote a guest post a while back about his interest in private equity--and I'm proud to say, he scored his summer internship in PE!--but unfortunately we'll just be a bit further apart than usual.

Fortunately, NH is stunningly gorgeous and has tons to explore, and as much as I'll miss having Will around to explore with me, I really am excited to spend my summer here.  Many TP'13s talk about how much they loved their summers in Hanover (Maren wrote a post about her experience).  I'm looking forward to checking out new hikes with friends (and the dog too, of course), swimming, and eating tons of delicious farm fresh fare (another TP and I are splitting a farm share this summer: whatever's-freshest produce delivered to our door every week!) 

On that note: I'm also not alone.  There are over 20 TP'14s who'll be here for the summer--plus many T'15s and TP'15s move in July*--so it will be fun to be here and get to know newcomers to the Tuck community before classes start up in fall.  Current plan is to work Mon-Thurs (boss-approved, he's aware I'm a partner and has been very accommodating in that regard), and spend some weekends (traveling on Friday mornings) out in Denver with Will.  He'll be back in early August, and I'm sure the time will pass quickly! 

*if you're moving here this summer, definitely reach out to others to meet up.  You can use the Class of 2015 page to connect with folks there, or post to TP'14s still in town on the Tuck Partners facebook page.

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