Thanks on Valentines

Arpitha D. T'15, February 14, 2014 | 0 comments
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Why do you want to come to Tuck? Tight knit community,  winter wonderland (main image), fancy being in woods, awesome educational experience, great prospects… and?

And...let me tell you a small story.

Feb 13th: First thing I noticed in the morning was that I lost one of my gold ear rings. I searched my room, told a friend and uploaded a photo on T14.5 Facebook group. Some said sorry, some said they will let me know if they find it. I wasn’t sure where I lost it. So, gave up my search. 

Feb 14th: I was walking back to my dorm room after lunch, when I saw a tiny shiny thing on the wooden shelf at the entrance of Raether hall (It’s usually a busy, hangout place in our dorm).  From a distance, the shiny thing looked like a finger ring. I let my imagination flow – someone was probably planning on an elaborate proposal and I shouldn’t meddle with their script. However, curiosity took over and I went to check it. Surprise! That was my ear ring!!
I will spare you all the silly first thoughts I had at that moment. But I didn’t know if I should believe in what I was seeing. I don’t know who kept the ring there – could have been cleaning staff, a student or someone else. Whoever it is, THANK YOU!

Most importantly, I realized I should be grateful and not be surprised. Why?

Honesty, integrity and ethics – these are the values imbedded deep in the fabric of Tuck community - students, professors, staff and everyone. We live by these values and make no exceptions.
I don’t know if this would be a similar story in some other place. I do know that it happens this way at Tuck. This is just a small example. I have had other expereinces, and heard more stories from other friends.

Such experiences define our life at Tuck, and make us who we are. These values take us forward, help us make the right decisions and in the process - be responsible citizens and responsible leaders.

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