The Box Food Truck comes to Tuck

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Though this isn't my personal story, I'm so proud of our friends who've worked tirelessly to bring this food truck to Tuck, that I had to share!

T'14 friends of ours (featured in this article) have been working over the past year to found The Box, Dartmouth's (and Tuck's) first-ever food truck.

The idea for their food truck business grew out of the Introduction to Entrepreneurship class both students took during their first year (winter term) at Tuck.  Since then, they've continued working on the project out of the classroom to refine their idea; construct a business plan and an infrastructure; build a team of other Tuckies, TPs, and undergraduates; and recruit supporters -- all to bring the idea to fruition.  One vital member of their team is actually a Tuck Partner who happened to work as an executive chef prior to moving to Hanover (for all of you prospective TPs curious about intersections between the partner community and Tuck, and finding employment opportunities in the Upper Valley!)

In any event, all of us here on campus are thrilled that the Box launched today (!!!) which means--for all you lucky ducks just starting your Tuck careers this fall--it will be serving lunch, dinner, and late night munchies to you when you arrive on campus this fall.

Check out the Box's facebook and kickstarter pages for more info!

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