The Honeymoon Might be Over

Juliet H. T'14, May 11, 2012 | 0 comments
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As an admit from Early Action, I have had the great luxury of basking in my acceptance to Tuck for a few months now. But the realities are starting to sink in.

December 16, 2011 turned out to be a good day. Incidentally it was exactly one year after a moderately acceptable, albeit satisfying enough, run in with the GMAT.  When my phone rang with a call from a 603 phone number (yes I had memorized the area code, a little much?) I could not have been happier. A silent jubilation at my desk (I was at work after all) ensued. Then came the distinct pleasure of piecing back together what was once considered a social life and desperately looking for something called a hobby.
Attending ASW, talking with current students, and receiving a barrage of emails has however given me a small glimpse of the pace at which things will start to move and just all that needs to be done before arriving at Tuck. Evidently leaving a job, packing up an apartment (including repainting a wall that just had to be brick red) and wrapping up a whole chapter of one’s life produces a pretty long to do list.
Logistical matters aside, the few glimpses I have gleaned into the coursework and recruiting process border on overwhelming. Tuck provides access to an online program called MBA Math to help prepare for the first year core curriculum and dust off the cobwebs that have gathered since college graduation. Turns out I don’t remember everything about net present value and marginal analysis. Anyone studying for the GMAT knows how humbling it is when you realize you can’t remember high school geometry – it is a bit like that. Apparently I will be putting in some work over this summer even if it is while sitting on a beach. Furthermore, the recruiting process has already begun. The resources Tuck provides are incredible and the Career Development Office has helped me to finalize my resume and apply to a few summer programs including the Forte Foundation Financial Services Fast Track conference and events sponsored by the banks in New York. This of course is only the beginning and the fall will be packed with company briefings, networking events, trips to New York and interview prep.
The next two years promise to be a transformative time in my life and an incredible adventure. I am looking forward to every second, even if it means many late nights with my study group and even the occasional 2AM breakdown. Alright, time to get some extra sleep. 

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