Jun 05, 2013

The Value of Military Experience and Tuck

I've recently returned from the Service Academy Career Conference (SACC) in Washington, DC, held the Friday before Memorial Day. It was perfect timing to let our prospective military applicants know how grateful Tuck is for your service and how much we value your experience.
I’d like to say Tuck’s unique in our regard for military applicants, but, being perfectly frank here, most MBA and other graduate programs value what you bring to our programs. What Tuck offers that’s distinct is our amazing community, a rigorous general management education that builds your business skills while capitalizing on the leadership and teamwork experience you already have, and a lifelong network to help you land that first job and to be there for you throughout your career.
To give you a flavor of our close-knit community, visit Tuck this fall and if you have a partner, bring him or her along. Be sure to let Admissions know you’re a military visitor (with a partner coming) when you sign up. We’ll connect you with a member of our Tuck Veterans Club when you’re here. You’ll go to class, have lunch, or tour the campus with a Veterans Club member. We’ll connect your partner with our very active Partners Club. Our visitors regularly tell us about the warm welcome our students offer, the appreciation they feel when greeted by a member of the same service branch, and how impressed they are to be approached, unsolicited, throughout their visit by faculty and staff.
There’s no doubt about it: our curriculum is, well, tough. Ask any student about Fall A and Fall B and you’ll get the picture. But what you’ll also get is a great foundation in all aspects of business – hard skills in classes like Decision Science and soft skills in classes like Management Communication. And that’s what you need to round out your unique skills and prepare you for the next move in your career, whether you’re returning to the military or starting fresh in a corporation, a nonprofit, or maybe your own business.
At SACC, I was lucky enough to have Chuck, a Tuck ’07 who is also a Naval Academy graduate, greet prospective applicants with me. Chuck’s enthusiasm for Tuck was palpable and highlighted one of the greatest distinctions Tuck offers: the power of our network. He spent the day talking about Tuck, has had multiple follow-up conversations since then with people we talked to that day, and even recently attended the promotion ceremony for one of the people he met. I know if I call him tomorrow with someone who wants to connect with a Tuckie, he’ll reach out. And that’s not unusual at Tuck. As a member of the military, you know the strength of your military network; at Tuck, you’ll add another incredibly strong community to your network.
We are proud participants in the Yellow Ribbon Program, without limitation on the number of veterans enrolled and at a maximum level of $18,000 in funding for the 2012-13 academic year. For more information on funding your education through the Post-9/11 GI Bill and Yellow Ribbon Program, visit Scholarships and Fellowships on our Admissions page.
We look forward to seeing you at Tuck!