Tiny Tuckie on the way!

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I can't believe how long it's been since my last post!  It's been quite a busy fall for Will and me: I'm pleased to share we'll be welcoming our very own Tiny Tuckie this spring!!  Our baby will arrive just about a month before graduation.  We're so excited and so thrilled that our little one will be here in time to meet all his or her Tuck aunties and uncles.

We chose Halloween to announce our happy news to our wider Tuck family.  There's no shortage of theme parties at Tuck, and people go all out for Halloween--it being, of course, the mother of all dress-up events.  Will and I dressed up as Prince William and Kate Middleton (complete with a faux-baby belly, since I'm not bumping quite that much yet!) to share our happy news.  It was so much fun!


Needless to say, the support from the Tuck community we've received so far has been incredible.  Friends are already offering to babysit, cook meals, and organize showers.  Once again I'm humbled by (and in awe of) how special and caring a community Tuck offers all in its fold: students and partners alike.

Unfortunately this means I'm retired from my career as a Tripod hockey player, although that won't keep me from cheering at the games and heading on the annual (incredible) Montreal trip this January!!

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