Tiny Tuckies Holiday Party

Claire B. TP14, December 23, 2012 | 0 comments
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Winter break is upon us!  T'13s have been off since Thanksgiving and T'14s had one final assignment due on Dec 13th, after taking final exams from 12/10-12/12.

The Sunday prior to finals was the Tiny Tuckie holiday party, a really great boost of holiday spirit and community to push the first-years through their exams.  All are invited, parents and nonparents too (Will and I aren't parents but the kids are just so darn cute you can't help but want to hang out with them.)  We did bring our puppy so I guess that's something.  There was cookie decorating, ornament making, sweet-eating, and of course, Santa-visiting.  A T'14 who is not a parent donned the Santa garb, so there was no chance of any of the children recognizing him -- he looks the part, no?

The party was held right in Stell Hall on campus, so an easy central location and totally accessible for students living in dorms (many of whom don't have cars).  As the Tiny Tuckie party wrapped, students lined up behind buffet tables full of delicious comfort food and healthy salad, provided by the MBA Program Office (MBAPO) as yet another morale boost.  Something to get the busy students away from their books for a few minutes and re-fueled with a good meal and friendship.  Partners were welcome to join for the dinner, too.  Thanks, Tuck!

Afterwards, just to cap things off, the Tuck Band performed in Stell Hall:

I'd say Tuck does exam prep, and holiday partying, pretty well!

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