Tuck Follies

Marcy H. TP'14, May 28, 2013 | 0 comments
Tags: Social and Extracurricular, community

We already know that Tuckies are an incredibly talented bunch-- admissions makes sure of that! Students come here with a variety of different experiences and backgrounds, each lending their own unique strengths to the mix. Some talents will shine bright inside the classroom...while others might not become clear until Follies.

Tuck Follies is an annual sketch comedy show about life at Tuck. Follies is where you realize that many of your fellow Tuckies (and TPs!) are in fact incredible writers, directors, comedians, singers, actors, and dancers. This year's show took place a couple weekends ago, and I was blown away by the creativity and talent on stage. Among some of the sketches was a song take-off called "Cold-Call Me Maybe?" and a spoof of "Downton Tuck." The photo below is of all the actors/dancers on stage performing a rendition of "We Are Tuck" as part of the finale. The show was truly amazing. This year I watched from the audience, I hope to be on stage as part of the show for next year's...

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