‘Twas the Night Before Fall B

Andrew M. - T'14, October 07, 2012 | 0 comments
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For us first years, tomorrow, in addition to being Columbus Day, is also the start of our Fall B term.  Reflecting back on my eight weeks here at Tuck, I was inspired to verse.  For those putting the finishing touches on your Tuck admissions application, I hope this serves as an amusing diversion--good luck!

'Twas the night before Fall B
And all through the dorm
There was bustling activity
All into the morn.
Some Tuckies had fun
Playing tripod hockey.
Others watched football,
Cheering on their team with glee. 

Some Tuckies were cooking

In the communal kitchen,

Where there's always a classmate

Willing to pitch in.
Now I in my fleece vest
And my friend in his cap
Had found easy chairs
For an evening nightcap. 

We reflected on Fall A,

All the things we had done!
"When you applied here,
Did you anticipate the fun?
From social events,
Like the small group dinners,
To scavenger hunts--
Wasn't your team the winner?

"This area is gorgeous
Each day I go jogging.
All the activities
Are simply mind-boggling!
The classes are taught
With a practical focus
By excellent teachers,
You can't help but notice.

Is simply the best!
They helped me through stats
And its hypothesis tests.
The leadership prof
Led discussions well,
And thanks to MANEC*
I know how much to sell.

"In AGM* I learned

How to analyze a case,
All while recruiting
At a furious pace.
From Sector Smart briefings
To firm info sessions,
They sated my hunger
With hors d'oeuvres at receptions.

Were my first time ice skating;
Wanted to be out there so bad,
I couldn't stand waiting!
The midterms came quickly,
And then we had finals.
Then a three day career trek:
Networking's so vital!

"Those Pre-term activities

Seem so long ago,
Backpacking or sailing
With classmates we'd go!
On deck or on trail
We all learned something new
And then saw photos of Tuckies
Having fun in Peru!

When I got admitted
I was so excited
I knew I would fit in!
When I applied early
To Tuck, who'd have thunk
How my life it would change?
Come on Fall B, I'm pumped!

(*AGM = Analysis for General Managers; MANEC = Managerial Economics.  Both classes are in Tuck's core curriculum.)

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