Two months…

Arpitha D. T'15, November 10, 2013 | 0 comments
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I wouldn't do any justice summarizing my time here in the last 2 months in one blog post. But hey, have to give it a try!

What did I do after the Orientation Week? Each day has been new, exciting and challenging at the same time. Every day deserves a blog entry (which I can't afford to)

So, what happened? I will talk through pictures. Where I don't have one, will drop a brief note.


a)  Crazy Fall-A: I got into one of the best study groups! Courses and schedule were so overwhelming and fun. Sleep timings changed drastically. On-campus company briefings, club intros, midterms, parties and finals. That's all!

If I look back, I would definitely go through Fall-A once again and still love it. It was so exciting I realized that was what I came here for, and I am getting it all!

 b) Scavenger Hunt:

c) Tripod hockey - my only goal is to balance on ice and skate. And, my Cluster Puck group is so congenial...!

d) CoastToCoast - 3000 miles - with team effort, we stood 3rd!

e) Crazier Fall-B: We are half-way through Fall-B and finished our midterms last week. What happened mean while?

f) Women In Business conference: Ask the prospective students who attended!

g) Diversity Conference: This weekend is the DivCo weekend. Black light party is happening right now!

    Tuck Tails & International Food Festival  -  A photo speaks a 1000 words.



 h) Last but not the least - Section Wars have started. Yes..the war mongers have unleashed themselves!!

Would I have it any different? Definitely not..

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