What Does 24/7 Learning Mean?

Sumeeta K. - T'14, November 09, 2012 | 0 comments
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Tuck is such an amazing place for so many reasons.  One of the things that stands out to me when I think about what sets it apart, is the 24/7 learning environment that being in Hanover fosters. In Tuck terms, 24/7 learning means that the potential for my knowledge base to expand exists in every interaction I have here. And, not surprisingly, one thing that my classmates and I all have in common is an insatiable thirst for knowledge.
In the classroom, I have acquired new and fascinating lenses through which to view the world. I have also grown as an individual and professional by employing the case method of learning. But by far, my favorite and most memorable way of learning in the classroom is what I have learned from my classmates. The cases we study cover a diverse array of industries such as healthcare, military, sports, and beauty organizations. Hearing the insider perspective of a nurse, army general, former athlete, or other peers who lived and worked in these industries on a daily basis is incredibly invigorating and reminds me how unique an experience business school actually is. I can’t think of another opportunity I will have in my life where the people I live, eat, and study with will come from such distinct backgrounds.
Out of the classroom, the learning continues. A Japanese classmate will invite us over for a traditional meal, a Chinese classmate will host a mid-Autumn festival to teach classmates about the holiday, an MMA fighting enthusiast will host training sessions, and a former musician will serenade us and regale us with tales from his days as a touring band member. Professors also open their homes to students, often hosting dinners and parties with students and their families. Students are invited to numerous lunches and dinners with prominent alumni, and even the Dean dines with students to get their opinions on new initiatives.
There is a reason why Tuck’s admissions committee asks the essay question about what you feel you can contribute to the Tuck community. I would advise prospective students to think a lot about what makes you special and what you feel you can share and teach others when composing your response. Is it your culture, the crazy stories you gathered when you backpacked across rural Asia, your passion for cooking and photography, your yoga certification, or something else? What will your classmates and professors learn from you? This is what 24/7 learning means at Tuck.

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