Mar 19, 2018

What to Expect at Admitted Students Weekend

We hope to see you on campus for ASW April 6-8, 2018! For more information, please contact Tuck Admissions.

By Maria Treacy T'19, ASW co-chair

Maybe you're on the fence about Tuck or getting an MBA in general. Maybe you sent in your deposit within seconds of getting that glorious "You're in!" call and are ready for your first taste of the next two incredible years at Tuck. Regardless of where you're coming from, Admitted Students Weekend is designed to give you a feel for what attending Tuck is really like and an opportunity to meet a couple hundred of your future classmates.
Our fellow Tuckie Kiley Winsnes T'16 makes the case for attending the weekend. If you opt in (and we think you should), here's what you can expect:


You may have done a class visit while you were on campus for your interview but preparing for and participating in a class is a completely different experience. Tuck is all about experiential learning, so we’re going to give you as authentic a student experience as possible. On Friday, you’ll meet with a study group, discuss a short case, and attend two classes with some of our esteemed professors. If you suddenly feel ill-prepared and like you need to do some serious prep work so that you perform admirably in these classes—don’t panic! We know a lot of you are career switchers (we are too) and you are not expected to know or prepare anything in advance. These classes are solely meant to give you a sense of what the learning environment is like at Tuck.


Switching careers and worried about making that leap? Absolutely certain on where you want to land after Tuck? Concerned about recruiting from Hanover? Regardless of which scenario applies to you, ASW will put your mind at ease. Our Career Development Office (CDO) will host sessions where you’ll hear from T’18s, T’19s, and Tuck alumni on their recruiting experiences, the on-campus interview process, how to get a head start over the summer, and Tuck’s Visiting Executive program which gives you access to top business leaders throughout the year. We’ll also have company office hours with some of our sponsors, where you can speak with key contacts who will be recruiting on campus in the fall.

Student Life

While moving to a new area is incredibly exciting (especially when it’s an area as beautiful as Hanover, NH!), it also has its challenges. You probably have questions about where you’ll live, what you’ll do you in your free time and what life is like in the Upper Valley. We’ll answer all of that and more at our T’19-led Student Life panels.

Partner Programming

You may be sold on Tuck, but if you have a TP (Tuck Partner) or a Tiny Tuckie (kids —we’re big on branding things here), the decision to enroll isn’t just about you. With a full schedule catered to the partner experience, your TP will have a chance to get to know the other 80+ TPs visiting and learn about life at Tuck, housing options and career opportunities (if they’re moving here), and remote partner life (if they’re not). They’ll also have plenty of time to join you and your classmates in some of the social activities planned for the weekend.

Tuck Fabric

You’ve probably heard that the Tuck community is tight-knit, or that it’s personal, connected, and transformative, or that everyone is friendly and always willing to help a fellow Tuckie. All of this is true. We call it the “Tuck Fabric”, and it’ll be on display all weekend. Whether you’re at an affinity breakfast, the international students or Consortium meetups, a small group dinner, the school-wide hockey game, Club Fair, the International Food Festival, or an event featuring Tuck’s famous class bands (seriously, they’re amazing), you’ll meet current students who are genuinely excited to share their experiences and perspectives to help you make the right decision for you (we hope that means choosing Tuck!)