Independent Study

Most of our second-year students make use of Tuck's independent study option to customize their educational experience, another benefit of our small scale and curricular flexibility.

Unlike an internship, independent study isn't a rehearsal for your next job. Instead, it's a means to explore and develop new insights that you can bring to a new career.

Independent study projects are grounded in the established fields of management but they can cover a remarkable range of topics, from health insurance reform to airline scheduling protocols and data-envelopment analysis to sustainability reporting. Each study must be approved and supervised by two faculty members and graded at its conclusion.

Selected Past Topics

  • Venture investing in CleanTech
  • Crowd-sourced recommendations in the fashion industry
  • Raising an Africa-focused venture capital fund
  • Impact of R&D outsourcing on the healthcare industry
  • Self-regulation in the sustainable tourism industry
  • Analysis of B2C expedited retail delivery
  • Strategic plan for container labs to improve access to lab services in rural Haiti
  • Business ethics in dermatology
  • Relationship between recycling and commodity prices
  • Dynamics of marketing to US hispanics
  • Succession planning and liquidity strategies for family-owned enterprises
  • Business issues surrounding establishing offshore ports to meet national security objectives
  • Evaluating intrinsic value in public traded securities
  • Nonprofit networks and collaboration
  • How Latin American governments can compete better for private capital for infrastructure investments
  • B corporations and L3Cs: modification to corporate governance models