Research-to-Practice Seminars

Tuck's Research-to-Practice Seminars bring small groups of second-year students together with top faculty for a deep dive into specific topics, such as the credit crisis, measuring the effects of a diverse workforce, and entrepreneurship.
Tuck's unique Research-to-Practice Seminars were designed by our faculty to advance the critical thinking skills of our graduates.

As students in these small seminars discuss a professor's current research, they gain insight into the way top-level researchers go about knowledge creation. The simultaneous result is to teach students to be intellectually skeptical, to test ideas against both theory and data.

The goal of these unique learning experiences is that, throughout their careers, Tuck students will be better trained and more confident thinkers. As they are presented with theories, claims, and proposals—to enter a new market, to deploy human resources, to invest in new technology—they can make better decisions for their organizations and achieve a higher level of success.

In 2014-15, twelve Research-to-Practice Seminars were offered:

  • Corporate Takeovers
  • Deconstructing Apple
  • Firm Organization in a Global Economy
  • Firms and Trade Policy
  • Leadership and Society
  • Management of Investment Portfolios
  • Marketing Good and Evil: Consumer Moral Judgment and Well-Being
  • Private Equity
  • Retail Operations
  • Sales Promotion
  • Strategy in Innovation Ecosystems
  • Time in the Consumer Mind

The seminars are part of strategic teaching initiatives supported by gifts from our alumni.