Engage a TGC Team

Accelerate your organization’s strategic initiatives with a team of experienced professionals focused on your global challenge or opportunity.

Tuck Global Consultancy (TGC) teams draw on the latest management techniques and knowledge to offer an objective perspective on the strategic issues and challenges you face.  We provide in-depth, data-driven analysis and actionable recommendations, at a fraction of what it costs to engage a commercial firm.

We carefully select teams to ensure the requisite skills and background.  Teams spend about 1,000 person-hours on an engagement, including three weeks of full-time primary research in the target location.

As a client, you benefit from Tuck’s recognized consulting excellence, with 35% of graduates going on to leadership positions at top consulting firms worldwide.

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Projects are wide-ranging.*

*Data from 183 TGC projects in over 50 countries since 1997.