Process and Timing

OnSite projects last 12 weeks and are offered three times a year.

Upcoming Tracks → June-Sept. 2014 Oct. 2014-Jan. 2015 Feb.-April 2015
Client commitment: May 16, 2014 Sept. 15, 2014 Jan. 30, 2015
Project kick-off: June 9, 2014 Oct. 6, 2014 Feb. 9, 2015
Team travel dates: Aug. 18-Sept. 5, 2014 Dec. 1-19, 2014 March 9-20, 2015
Final deliverables: Oct. 3, 2014 Feb. 6, 2015 April 17, 2015

Each track involves three phases, both in the US and abroad.

*Phase 2 lasts two weeks for Spring track projects.

You invest time and resources to ensure a successful engagement.

  • Identify a business challenge or opportunity that is important to you.
  • Communicate with necessary stakeholders to ensure organizational support for the project.
  • Assign project owner who can devote weekly time to the team.
  • Provide team with access to people, data and other necessary resources.
  • Pay a program fee of $15K + travel and project-related expenses*

*Travel and project-related expenses typically range from $25-50K. Clients reimburse Tuck at cost for advising, airfare, accommodations, communications, meals, visas, ground transportation, and other essential project-related expenses.