Summer internships and full-time positions provide ample opportunities for global learning. 

Each year, more and more students choose to start their careers after Tuck working globally. Tuck’s Career Development Office staff, many of whom have lived and worked overseas, help students who want to work outside their home countries by:

  • Building relationships with global employers who sponsor work visas.
  • Collaborating with students to organize career treks to cities such as Hong Kong, London, Toronto, and Dubai.
  • Helping students liaise with members of Tuck’s regional alumni advisory boards in Latin America and Europe.
  • Connecting students with helpful resources about international careers and job opportunities.
  • Facilitating interviews through video technology.

Russell Wolff, a member of the Dartmouth Class of 1989 and the Tuck Class of 1994, is the Executive Vice President & Managing Director of ESPN International. During a recent visit to Tuck, he shared his thoughts on the globalization of careers, international assignments, lessons he's learned by working in different cultures, and some key considerations for Tuck students as they plan their own global journeys.