Learning 24/7

If your concept of school is simply going to class and taking a final exam, think again.

Tuck offers an environment in which learning can happen anywhere, at any time. We take advantage of this to significantly boost the effectiveness of an MBA education by immersing you in learning and discovery.

Tuck students study full time in a residential program centered on our close-knit community so it's easy to know and interact with your classmates. And because our students aren't segregated by departments or majors, discussions always include a range of perspectives and opinions.

There is extensive educational programming outside the classroom. Every day brings speakers and visiting executives (with office hours for students), panels, conferences, fireside chats, and other opportunities to learn and interact with business leaders and our faculty. Much of this programming is created by students themselves and closely tracks their interests. But our research centers and initiatives have as one of their missions to enhance the MBA experience and they do so continuously.  Each of these entities not only provides a natural point of focus for a set of students interested in a particular topic or field but also expands the knowledge and perspective of the entire community.

We have a highly social community and offer many opportunities to meet informally, from lively Tuck 'Tails with the community to club meetings, shared meals in our dining facility, and one-on-one discussions.

Tuck's emphasis on nurturing our community is a strategic choice that has yielded great benefits for the learning experience and for the lives of our graduates. We learn what we live: collaboration and leadership, respect and responsibility, ethics and stewardship. These skills and values enable our students to work in any environment.

Each new class enrolled at Tuck becomes a cohesive unit linked to the class ahead and the class following. Tuck has operated this way for more than a century. So throughout their lives, our alumni consider themselves part of an uninterrupted, responsive network of experience. The benefits for our students cannot be overestimated.