Admitted Students Weekend
Leadership - Ema Ried, Katherine Minton, Tim Dolan, Keith Hollis, Helena Nannes

Business & Society Conference (BSC)
The annual student-led Business & Society Conference brings together corporate leaders, industry experts, and academic scholars from a wide range of fields to discuss the important role that business can play in creating a more sustainable world.

Diversity Conference
The Tuck Diversity Conference offers prospective students a weekend of discussion, networking, mentoring, and socializing.
Leadership - Alyssa BlaizePo-chen ChengAshley CousinsNic FioreKellarai Vishnu MalliLeon Persaud

Frosty Jester
Leadership - Matt Shofnos, Brant Swidler, Mat Sevin, Keith Morancie, Remi Evans, Emily Putze

Tuck Follies
Tuck Follies puts on an annual show in the spring with live skits, songs, and videos written, performed, and directed by students celebrating and poking fun at life at Tuck, featuring cameos by faculty and staff.
Leadership - Shashank Munjal, Karina Singh, Emmanuel Vezina

Tuck GIVES is a popular annual auction and gala. Students, faculty and staff donate and bid on one-of-a-kind items to raise support funding for socially and environmentally focused nonprofit internships.
Leadership - Natalie Cira, Kate Kinsey, Pia Ferreyros

Winter Carnival
Leadership - Elizabeth Ellerhorst, Madeline Dufour, Libby Pendery, Rick Maynard, Keith Hollis