Emily Putze T'16

Tuck has challenged and inspired me to explore and grow beyond what I ever imagined was possible.More »

James Goff T'16

That’s a great thing about Tuck: there are so many opportunities for leadership experience.More »

Steve Janco T'16

Tuck allowed me to develop as an individual alongside my family as I pursue this next chapter in my life.More »

Santiago Gutierrez Zaldivar T'15

A Tuck MBA is the door to an exciting life and a different and promising future.More »

Tanya Gulnik T'15

Take the opportunity to explore different opportunities here. Tuck is a great place to find your focus—you can do anything here.More »

Mayur Kasetty T'16

Post-Tuck, there are so many options and I’m looking forward to exploring them.More »

Raphael Bonacci T'15

Tuck completely changed my perception of the world and helped me redraw the limits of what I thought was possible.More »

Elliot Gillerman T'15

Tuck’s location, student body, and culture all blend together to create an incredibly supportive learning environment.More »

Chris White T'15

People here are always trying to find ways to improve upon what they’ve been given and strengthen it for those to come.More »

Laura Ionita T'15

Tuck has an incredible support system to help international students integrate and be successful in a new country.More »

Andrew Allison T'15

I am living proof that Tuck really can deliver on this promise.More »

Aditya K. Shah T'16

Tuck is especially good at making everyone—no matter what culture you’re from—feel comfortable.More »

Lindsey D. Windham T'15

Tuck strengthened my business intuition, imbued me with confidence to lead, and inspired me to make a major career transition.More »

Ayobami Olufadeji T'16

People at Tuck understand that your journey is personal and are willing to help.More »

Nathan Isaacson T'15

Whatever career or industry you are interested in pursuing, there are successful alumni who are excited to advise and assist you.More »

Katherine Gray T'15

The personalized approach of the Career Development Office and the Tuck network were instrumental in helping me switch careers.More »

Joseph Magdovitz T'15

Tuck allowed me to refine my technical expertise, acquire new managerial skills, and build a strong and expansive network in my new industry.More »

Gabe Martinez T’14

You form close bonds very quickly here, and that’s where a lot of the learning happens.More »

Chris Dolan T’14

People often say that Tuck is a transformative experience, and I think they’re right.More »

Erin McInerney T’14

Tuck helped me achieve exactly what I said I wanted to do.More »

E. Selemon Asfaw T’14

For me, the word that encapsulates Tuck is ‘open.’More »

Mandakini Saroop T’14

I wanted to be part of a community, not just an anonymous person in a large school.More »

Jed D. Talvacchia T’14

At Tuck, you get to have a great education, develop an amazing network, and have a fantastic time along the way.More »

Benjamin Hall T’14

Tuck was a transformational experience, both professionally and personally, and I couldn’t be luckier to be part of this unique community.More »

Vivien Cui Cui Lee T’14

The support I received at Tuck across the board allowed me to switch careers successfully.More »

Maryn K. Juergens T’15

Choosing Tuck was the difference between wanting just an education and wanting an education and a transformative experience.More »

Michaela L. LeBlanc T’15

Conversations at Tuck are approached from a global perspective.More »

Mayank Kapur T’14

Tuck broadened my perspective and provided me the technical tools to analyze the impact of business decisions in a global business environment.More »

Craig S. Silverman T’14

I now have an expanded understanding of what it takes to run a business and can more effectively collaborate with my colleagues across functions.More »

Jennifer L. Tietz T’15

The beauty of Tuck is that there is so much for everyone, and each journey can be amazing.More »

Emily L. Chen T’15

Tuck has given me a playground to experiment with and hone my leadership style.More »

Samuel L. Alexander T’14

Tuck made me aware of so many more possibilities for creating value in this world.More »

Stephanie C. O’Brien T’14

I feel like a better version of myself having been through two years here.More »

Douglas M. London T’14

Tuck has given me the confidence to take a problem, think about it in a structured and creative way, and solve it.More »

Oyebode A. Fajobi Jr. T’14

I recommend that you look at the Tuck experience as an opportunity to make it your own.More »

Kiera T. O’Brien T’14

Tuck is a place where I can explore my passions, challenge myself, and have a good laugh at the end of the day.More »

Guillermo D. Pacheco Montesinos T’15

Tuck’s tight alumni network opens international doors and positions you as a global player.More »

Alice L. Lin T'14

Tuck opened up a world of possibilities for me, along with an alumni network that will help me throughout my career.More »

Ali Bachani T'14

Tuck made me more comfortable in my own shoes, and more aware of how I can impact change in the organizations around me.More »

Difu Li T'14

Tuck has extended my reach to every part of the globe.More »

Veronica Jubera Maldonado T’13

Tuck opened a new door and allowed me to change careers and do something I love.More »

Sreevishnu Narayanasamy T’13

At Tuck, Sreevishnu Narayanasamy T'13 had an unexpected opportunity to start a business.More »

Karen (Olson) Diehl T’13

"I’m looking forward to working at an innovative and dynamic company."More »

Merrill D. Matthews III T’14

Merrill Matthews T'14 sees Tuck's emphasis on teams as an extension of his experience on a submarine crew. More »

Peter Hagstrom T’14

Pete Hagstrom T'14 found a summer job at a small boutique investment bank in Burlington, VT.More »

Andrew O. Olaleye T'13

Andrew Olaleye T'13 is intrigued by business opportunities in Africa.More »

Gonzalo Fernandez-Castaneda T’13

"I was looking for a very strong academic curriculum."More »

Andres H. Bilbao T’13

"I’m not only learning how to be a leader of a business, but also getting the foundation of entrepreneurship."More »

Sophie Roux T'12

"What I was looking for from Tuck was more knowledge of myself and my leadership style."More »

Delicia E. Jones T'12

“I knew community would be something important to me at Tuck, but I didn’t realize how easy it would be to feel welcome". More »

Robert E.L. Taylor IV T’12

“For me, business school was a launch pad to a new career."More »

Kevin Bielke T'12

Tuck's integrated curriculum creates opportunities for learning both inside and outside the classroom, says Kevin Bielke T'12.More »

Miguelle Edmondson T'11

Miguelle Edmondson T'11 says Tuck teaches students to use collaboration to achieve success.More »

Sarah Apgar T'11

Sarah Smith didn’t commit to business school. “I committed to an experience, an exploration,” she says. More »

Kate Strayer-Benton T'11

Kate Strayer-Benton T’11 was working as a consultant in the health care industry and on her way to becoming partner when she decided that she wanted more out of her career.More »

Pace Ralli T'09

Pace Ralli’s goal was to venture into the energy industry and work on projects of transformational scope. More »

Omar Kariuki T'08

Over the course of his career, Omar Kariuki T’08 learned that business is as much about good organizations as it is about good deals, or in his line of work, good trades.More »

Aisha Barry T'10

Aisha Barry T’10 experienced the challenges of building a multinational business while working as a product-development manager for Procter & Gamble in China. More »

Dave Adams T'08

“There are three rules to successful leadership,” says Dave Adams T’08, recalling an old joke.More »

Stootee Parikh T'10

Working in public accounting after college helped Stootee Parikh T’10 realize what she wanted in a career.More »