Karen (Olson) Diehl T’13

Why Tuck?
I looked for a program that would provide a holistic experience, reinforcing my strengths as well as building new skills.  I wanted an environment that encouraged all students to take a range of classes, so I could feel comfortable taking a finance class without a background on Wall Street.  Also, coming from Williams College, I knew I would thrive in Tuck’s smaller classroom setting where I could get to know classmates, administrators, and professors. Being removed from a major city was also a draw because it encourages you to come together as a class and a community. Tuck students (and many partners) commit to making their life in the Upper Valley, whereas in a city it would be easier to just melt back into your regular life after class.


Before Tuck, I enjoyed my work in strategy consulting at Liberty Mutual Group, and therefore thought I would join a large company in a general management rotational program after school. However, I saw the summer as a way to challenge this preconceived idea of what I wanted to do full-time. My marketing internship at Keurig was a great opportunity, allowing me to experience a rapidly growing medium-sized company, to work with a product rather than a service, and to focus on implementation as well as strategy.  The role provided professional experience, reinforced content from the Core Curriculum, and focused my job search in the fall.

I looked for a program that would provide a holistic experience, reinforcing my strengths as well as building new skills.” Karen (Olson) Diehl T’13

Everyone is goal-oriented and driven, whether in their career search, the classroom, or a new sport like Ice hockey. But that doesn’t mean they won’t pause to help a fellow Tuckie along the way. It’s a very open environment; everyone is invested in each other’s success and willing to share their experience and expertise. This afternoon I was working on finance homework in Stell Hall, and two people sitting nearby happened to be doing the same problem set.  Within a few minutes we became an impromptu study group. This type of collaboration is common at Tuck, and a cornerstone of our community

Women In Business (WIB) Club

As the first marketing chair for the Women in Business Club, my main focus was to ensure consistency in the club’s internal and external communications. In response to cluttered inboxes and disparate requests, I started a weekly digest.  Instead of bombarding people every day, club members had a single place they could look for WIB information. It was rewarding to help define a new role for WIB, as well as to be on the board in a year when we expanded WIB’s mission to focus not only on creating a supportive community but also on furthering discussions around gender equality and inclusion.

Life at Tuck

The Upper Valley is a wonderful place to explore and get involved.  Like many of my classmates, I picked up several new sports over the past two years: ice hockey, downhill skiing, snowshoeing, and road biking. In May, I participated on a 200-mile “Reach the Beach” relay race with 24 Tuckies, including one of our accounting professors! I was also involved in community programs, such as helping run Tuck Volunteers, a club that organizes a day of service with local nonprofits each term such as hurricane cleanup in Woodstock, Vt., or trail maintenance in Norwich, Vt.  Beyond official Tuck clubs, there are countless activities in Hanover and beyond—the real challenge is choosing where to spend your free time!