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Real Time Economics: Economic Indicators Are Flashing Yellow

The Wall Street Journal’s daily newsletter on the economy highlights a study by Emily Blanchard and coauthor Gerald Willmann that develops a model of democratic political responses to macroeconomic shocks in the short and long...

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One of the Biggest Challenges of Kicking Addiction...

Quotes Jenny Levy T’04, vice president of people, community, and environment at Hypertherm in a feature article about the company’s efforts to be “recovery friendly,” supporting employees recovering from drug and alcohol...

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Think Critically about the Wisdom of Experts

Andrew A. King offers a playbook for how to think critically about analysis or opinions offered by those considered experts.

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Am I Too Old for an MBA Degree?

Luke Anthony Peña responds to BusinessBecause’s applicant question of the week, regarding the candidacy of older prospective MBA students.

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WhatsApp Appoints Payments Expert as India Head

Quotes Vijay Govindarajan in an article about the appointment of Abhijit Bose as WhatsApp’s new head of India.

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The State of Grocery Stores: Self-Scanning Apps, Meal...

As a guest on NHPR’s “The Exchange,” Kusum Ailawadi discusses the current state of grocery stores, what changes are underway in how we gather food, popular shopping trends, and what stores people gravitate toward.

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How Old-School Manufacturers Can Reinvent Themselves and Beat...

In an opinion piece for MarketWatch, Richard D’Aveni writes that 3-D printing will lead to diversified manufacturers and help equalize Silicon Valley and a resurgent Rust Belt.

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First Gen: Inspiring Stories of MBAs Who Beat...

Profiles Linda Horner T’20 in a collection of stories from first generation students pursuing MBAs at top business schools.

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3 Lessons Startups Can Learn from Silicon Valley

Mentions Sydney Finkelstein in an article highlighting three lessons startups can learn from Silicon Valley success stories.

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Pressure Grows on CEOs to Take a Stand

Quotes Paul Argenti in an article about increasing pressure on CEOs to take stands on controversial issues.

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Women MBAs on the Rise in the U...

Highlights Tuck in an article about the state of women enrollment at business schools around the world. Tuck ranks among the top schools for women enrollment with 45 percent of both the class of 2019 and 2020 comprised by women.

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“Proud of the Work”

In an interview with Harvard Business Manager, Sydney Finkelstein discusses his book Superbosses, what makes a good leader, and how leaders can find success.

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