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Inside Evernote’s Brain

A feature story about Evernote’s brand refresh quotes CEO Chris O’Neill T’01. While under the stewardship of O’Neill, Evernote has largely stayed out of the news but is now ready to call attention upon itself again.

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These Three Long Island Nonagenarians Never Dreamed of...

Features Stanley Geller T’48 in an article about nonagenarians that forewent retirement in favor of continuing their life’s work.

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Passage to India

An excerpt from Reverse Innovation in Health Care, by Vijay Govindarajanand Ravi Ramamurti, details how leaders in the U.S. healthcare system can look to India for ideas and support.

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Factor-Based Investing Spreads from Stocks to Bonds

Kenneth French is featured in an article about the rise of factor investing for bonds. French and Eugene Fama are credited with the idea of factor investing, first introduced when they released their models in the 1990s.

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Five Myths about 3-D Printing

Richard D’Aveni dispels five of the most common myths about 3-D printing in advance of his forthcoming book, The Pan-Industrial Revolution: How New Manufacturing Titans Will Transform the World.

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Elon Musk Isn’t Wrong about the Public...

An opinion piece about Tesla CEO Elon Musk’s frustrations with public markets cites data compiled by Kenneth French.

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A Duo of Factors Signal That a Stock-Market...

Mentions research by Kenneth French in an article about the current stock market situation of high valuations and low correlations.

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Another Prime Perk at Whole Foods: Curbside Pickup

Quotes Scott Neslin in an article about Whole Foods' latest perk for Amazon Prime members. Neslin comments on how the goal of the Whole Foods perks is to get more people signing up for Prime, and to get existing Prime members into...

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Why the World Needs Doctors with These 3 Qualities

Vijay Govindarajan and Reverse Innovation in Health Care coauthor Ravi Ramamurti argue that “doctorpreneurs” are key to fixing the problems of the health care industry, citing their medical excellence, compassion, and business...

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Q&A with Tuck Admissions Director Luke...

During the second part of a wide-ranging podcast interview Luke Anthony Peña provides insight into Tuck’s newly defined admissions criteria, the ways in which the criteria map to components of the application, and Tuck’s...

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Dartmouth Grads Hope Startup Will Help Bridge Political...

A feature story about The Skeww, started by T’18s Sean Graber and Keal Harter while at Tuck. The two started the news platform to create a place on the internet to inspire more informed debates.

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Warts and All? That’s the Risk When...

Kevin Lane Keller opines on the strategy of using the head or founder of a company as the company’s face. Keller says that there is considerable upside in bringing a founder to the fore.

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