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China’s Currency Joins the IMF’s Elite

Matthew Slaughter comments on news that China’s renminbi will be added to the International Monetary Fund (IMF) Reserve. "When you're a kid, there is a moment when you cross that line of enjoying being with your little cousins...

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Minimum Wage Migration?

Paul Wolfson argues that unemployment does not rise when the minimum wage increases. Rather, it pushes up wages all around that results in more spending, and therefore more business, that offsets the need for business to pay...

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Pfizer-Allergan Merger Won’t Lead to New, Innovative...

Donald Conway T’72 comments on the $160 billion Pfizer-Allergan deal that instantly turned the combined company, Pfizer Plc, into the world's largest drug maker. Conway argues that these types of mergers are going to increase...

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What Amazing Bosses Do Differently

Sydney Finkelstein offers five key practices that all supervisors should follow in order to make work more meaningful and enjoyable: manage individuals; go big on meaning; focus on feedback; listen; and be consistent.

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Here’s Where McKinsey, BCG and Bain are...

Business Because highlights that Tuck MBAs were paid $145,000 by consultancies including McKinsey, Bain, and BCG. Consulting firms hired 18 percent of the 2015 class.

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The CEO Council Task Forces’ Priorities

Matthew Slaughter is the subject expert for a recommendation on fostering innovation and competitiveness.

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A Different Kind of a Family

Cites research conducted by Tuck for the Selamta Family Project, a nonprofit that unites orphaned children and marginalized women in Ethiopia to provide stable homes. Children growing up in Selamta homes were healthier, did better...

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Ask the Experts

Eesha Sharma provides insight into the behavior of retailers and consumers on Black Friday.

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Jack Dorsey’s Secret To Running Two Tech...

Sydney Finkelstein says, "To make something like this work, you have to have a world-class team around you. Effective leaders delegate. In this case, you probably have to delegate more than normal. You have to be able to process...

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Vaktbikkje, ikke veiviser

B. Espen Eckbo writes that the Norwegian Sovereign Wealth Fund (SWF) needs a board of directors sufficiently schooled in finance to understand complex concepts such as market efficiency, efficient portfolios, risk factors,...

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Why a Strong Sense of Purpose Fuels the...

Vijay Govindarajan comments on how to respect a brand's identity while also trying new things to expand options for tomorrow.

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Slaughter aims to refine Tuck mission — in one...

Dean Matthew Slaughter shares his plans to build on Tuck's strong reputation and sense of community.

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