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How to Become a Spin Doctor

Paul Argenti argues that integrated corporate communication strategy is about planning social media, developing marketing materials, and dealing with investor relations.

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Stop Second-Guessing Your Decisions at Work

Sydney Finkelstein says, “Trusting your gut can be absolutely useful, valuable, and appropriate. It can cut down on a ton of time.”

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Men Sit Up and Listen as Women Fill 40%...

Lane McVey T’17 says, “It’s very coed and everything feels equal, which is something I wanted when applying.” The story also includes comments from Dawna Clarke and Penny Paquette T’76.

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Enhanced Active Choice

Punam Keller explains a new method for increasing employee participation in retirement savings programs.

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Primary Source: Candidates Now Flooding the Valley

Gov. John Lynch is quoted in an article that highlights US Senator Lindsey Graham’s recent visit to Dartmouth. Lynch said he found it odd that an experienced lawmaker such as Graham is polling in the low single digits, while...

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Innovate in India

An article co-authored by Vijay Govindarajan focuses on how start-ups in India can solve local problems while keeping in mind reverse innovation possibilities.

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SeaWorld faces a PR challenge

Paul Argenti comments on SeaWorld trying to move forward after criticism from animal rights activists and the release of the documentary "Blackfish." He says, "The good news for SeaWorld is that Americans have pretty short...

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What Engineering a Reverse Innovation Looks Like

Vijay Govindarajan outlines several steps firms can use to develop products that will impact markets and consumers worldwide.

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Electric Cars Aren’t So Green in Some...

Research by Erin Mansur shows that electric cars can cause more environmental damage than gasoline-powered cars in some areas of the country based on the source of the electricity.

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Apple Recognizes the College’s Master of Health...

Highlights that MHCDS has been recognized by Apple for its innovation, use of technology and design of its curriculum in the Apple Distinguished School program.

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Sports Leadership Notebook: Action Beats Introspection

Highlights Sydney Finkelstein on a recent WNYC podcast around selective forgetting and the role it plays on mental toughness and success.

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Marco Rubio May Be the Default Candidate for...

Sydney Finkelstein states, “Businesspeople are smart, and they’re saying, ‘We better get our act together and get behind someone that has a chance to beat Hillary.’”

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