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When CEOs are Accidentally Overpaid

Jul 02, 2015 /A study by Richard Townsend looks at how stock options granted to CEOs do not change yearly, which makes their pay grow over time.
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Debt crises sow economic angst

Jul 01, 2015 /Matthew Slaughter says, "There is the small but non-zero chance that default (by Greece) triggers another financial crisis of the magnitude of the world financial crisis of…
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Why Big Oil Wants a Carbon Tax

Jun 30, 2015 /Erin Mansur says, “Higher carbon prices make coal-fired power plants less competitive than natural gas-fired power plants.”
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What Greece’s crisis will mean for the world economy

Jun 30, 2015 /Matthew Slaughter is quoted on Greece’s potential default. He predicts that leaving the euro for the drachma could result in, “double-digit declines.”
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Greece’s Future Far From Certain

Jun 29, 2015 /Matthew Slaughter says, "No one really knows what will happen in global capital markets if Greece defaults and/or exits the eurozone."
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The End of Middle Management?

Jun 29, 2015 /According to Sydney Finkelstein, the middle management position may have outlived its usefulness given technological advancements, the startup business culture, and millennials in the…
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Greek Debt Crisis

Jun 29, 2015 /Matthew Slaughter testified to the U.S. Senate Committee on Banking, Housing, & Urban Affairs about the global impact of a Greek default.
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Engineering Reverse Innovations

Jun 26, 2015 /Vijay Govindarajan describes five traps that prevent multinationals from reaping the benefits of reverse innovation.
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Sorry Not Sorry: Why CEOs Need To Apologize More

Jun 26, 2015 /Sydney Finkelstein says, “Apologizing means you’re admitting you’ve done something wrong. It’s difficult for CEOs or any manager. ... even though it’s the right thing to…
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Jim Kenyon: Co-op Misses the Big Picture

Jun 18, 2015 /John Vogel says, “The best companies do all the little things right.”
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