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As Regulators Focus on Culture, Wall Street Struggles to Define It

Feb 02, 2015 /Sydney Finkelstein comments on the difficulty of measuring and regulating the culture of banks.
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How (and Why) Fans Rationalize Deflategate

Jan 29, 2015 /Quotes Amit Bhattacharjee on the biased process people use to reach conclusions.
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The High-Yield ‘Sweet Spot’ That Led Me To A 10.5% Yielder

Jan 29, 2015 /Cites a study by Kenneth French that ranked the performance of all U.S. stocks from 1927 through 2013 according to yield.
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A Powerful Force Is Killing Your Retirement

Jan 29, 2015 /Mentions Kenneth French's study noting that investing in actively managed funds, as compared to index funds, costs investors about $80 billion a year.
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Tech mounts pre-emptive strike on taxes

Jan 28, 2015 /Matthew Slaughter writes that wringing more taxes out of the most innovative companies in the U.S. would be counterproductive in the long run.
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This Might Be the Toughest Year Yet for CEOs

Jan 28, 2015 /Sydney Finkelstein says many CEO errors arise from arrogance and complacency.
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3 Ways Businesses Are Addressing Inequality in Emerging Markets

Jan 26, 2015 /Vijay Govindarajan describes what businesses can do to help boost shared prosperity, a new aim that the World Bank has added to its original goal of reducing poverty.
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To get rich, stifle emotion-driven investment picks

Jan 26, 2015 /Quotes Kenneth French on his skepticism about Thomas Howard's investment approach, which involves buying and selling stocks without even knowing the names of the companies.
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Global MBA Ranking 2015

Jan 26, 2015 /The Financial Times published its annual ranking of MBA programs. Tuck ranked 12th among U.S. schools and 23rd worldwide out of the top 100 MBA programs.
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Charming Investors by Playing Hard to Get

Jan 23, 2015 /Mentions research co-authored by Kenneth French that argues "stock price movements are unpredictable and that trying to pick securities to beat the market is pointless."
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