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Frequent flier miles worth less as airlines roll back benefits

Dec 09, 2013 /Professor Praveen Kopalle says airlines are adjusting frequent flyer programs since growing business means less excess capacity.
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Technological change drives sustainable growth

Dec 09, 2013 /Associate Dean Matthew Slaughter says the December jobs report was encouraging but partly due to workers exiting the labor market.
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A thanks to those in a thankless job: Management

Dec 03, 2013 /Some CEOs deserve kudos for their work in 2013, says Professor Sydney Finkelstein.
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Did Somebody Say McCopycat? BK Emulates McD’s Menu

Dec 03, 2013 /Professor Kevin Keller says Burger King has yet to make its flame-broiled mark in the burger world.
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How Entitlements Threaten Capitalism

Nov 27, 2013 /Professor Robert Howell says the U.S. must rein in entitlement programs and regulations in order to remain an economic leader.
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An Analysis Of Food Shopping Choices, Without The Lecture

Nov 27, 2013 /Professor Kusum Ailawadi says prices and promotions drive grocery buying decisions.
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Fortune Magazine Names Genworth CEO Thomas J. McInerney T’82 to Its “Top 50 Business People” List

Nov 27, 2013 /McInerney is only 11 months into the CEO job but has boosted profits 124% for the first nine months of 2013.
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The Two Most-Important Words for a CEO: Intrinsic Value

Nov 26, 2013 /Professor Robert Howell says "intrinsic value" can be defined as, "the discounted value of the cash that can be taken out of a business during its remaining life.”
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To Avoid the Customer Recency Trap, Listen to the Data

Nov 21, 2013 /Research by Scott Neslin and Gail Ayala Taylor shows it can be worthwhile to invest in customers who haven't bought lately.
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Reverse Innovation Starts with Education

Nov 20, 2013 /Tomorrow's engineers must create technologies that meet or exceed the performance of those in developed countries -- but for a fraction of the price, according to Vijay Govindarajan.
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