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Is Twitter overvalued?

Nov 08, 2013 /Anant Sundaram says Twitter's economic fundamentals do not justify its opening stock price.
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Twitter IPO: Should You Buy It?

Nov 07, 2013 /Anant Sundaram says his valuation models do not justify Twitter's IPO price, but value does not always equate to price.
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SAC Capital agrees to plead guilty to insider trading charges

Nov 05, 2013 /Professor Paul Argenti says the reputation of the financial services industry has never been worse.
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NerdWallet Book Club: Chris Trimble and Vijay Govindarajan

Nov 01, 2013 /Chris Trimble says his two recent books about innovation are written to reach entire teams.
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The 4 Essential Traits Of ‘Intrapreneurs’

Nov 01, 2013 /Article highlights four characteristics of intrapreneurs as described by Professor Vijay Govindarajan.
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We are the great and powerful USA. Ignore the dysfunction behind the curtain

Nov 01, 2013 /The United States needs economic policies that help revive foreign direct investment according to Matthew Slaughter.
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Innovation Cheat Sheet: 5 Ways to Keep Ideas Flowing

Oct 31, 2013 /Vijay Govindarajan describes how to create an "innovation engine" that will lead to radical new ideas.
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NYU Hospital Throws Sandy Birthday Party, But Is It Just a PR Stunt?

Oct 31, 2013 /Paul Argenti calls it a gutsy decision to celebrate a near-disaster.
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Fashion for the Next Generation

Oct 31, 2013 /Retailers are still struggling to reach millennials using digital media according to Sydney Finkelstein.
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Two Tuck Startups That Will Inspire You To Become An Entrepreneur!

Oct 31, 2013 /Profile of two recent startups by Tuck grads -- Kigo Kitchen and Nifti.
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