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Vogel: Nineteen Days

Feb 20, 2015 /John Vogel discusses how Dan & Whit's, “an old-fashioned general store” in Norwich, VT used social media to launch a campaign which raised $231,000 for the Upper Valley Haven.
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The Scramble to Bring the Internet to more Indians

Feb 19, 2015 /Points to a 2012 Tuck study that reveals having more Internet in a country benefits its GDP.
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In Canada, small-cap stocks have failed to live up to the hype

Feb 19, 2015 /Mentions Kenneth French's co-research on small cap stocks.
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Private Wealth Management Industry Invests In More MBA Talent

Feb 18, 2015 /Business Because reports that, "investment management has risen to be the second most popular finance career among MBAs (at the Tuck School)."
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Deloitte names Punit Renjen CEO of global operations

Feb 18, 2015 /Vijay Govindarajan says, "Given the growing importance of emerging markets, we are likely to see more CEOs of western multinationals drawn from countries like India."
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Hog Grower’s Lawyers Object to Mentions of Chinese Ties

Feb 17, 2015 /Matt Slaughter noted that Chinese firm Shuanghui, one of the world’s largest pork producers, “wasn't like the state-owned companies commonly found in Communist economies."
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Big Tech, Consulting Firms Poised To Hike MBA Hiring In Europe

Feb 17, 2015 /The percentage of MBA graduates who found jobs in the tech industry at the Tuck School jumped to 18% last year from 13% in 2013.
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The Best B-School Alumni Networks

Feb 17, 2015 /Poets and Quants refers to Tuck's top spot in The Economist's student poll of alumni network usefulness.
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Network effects

Feb 12, 2015 /When the Economist asked MBA students which school has the, "most useful alumni network," Tuck topped the list.
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Why is simplicity so complicated?

Feb 12, 2015 /In his Syd Weighs In column, Sydney Finkelstein writes that sometimes less is actually more.
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