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The debt debate is just hibernating

Feb 24, 2014 /Lawmakers may not seek to reduce the budget deficit this year given their short-term focus, according to associate dean Matthew Slaughter.
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Ordinary or extraordinary experiences, what makes you happiest?

Feb 21, 2014 /A new study by visiting assistant professor Amit Bhattacharjee finds that, as people age, ordinary experiences are more meaningful.
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Slack in US economy disappearing: Pro

Feb 21, 2014 /Matthew Slaughter says it's not clear what action the fed might take since the U.S. unemployment rate is dropping but the economy is not yet showing signs of inflation.
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Resilience: A Lesson From Sochi

Feb 20, 2014 /Sydney Finkelstein says we all have the potential to live a resilient life on and off the job
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At the Ready, at the Sochi Games

Feb 17, 2014 /Global Rescue, founded by Dan Richards T'03 plucks people from precarious situations worldwide.
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How stock options lead CEOs to put their own interests first

Feb 14, 2014 /Research by Katharina Lewellen shows that CEOs focus on short term results as vesting dates near.
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The 40 Best B-School Professors Under 40

Feb 13, 2014 /Leslie Robinson makes the list for a second time as a professor who, "brings accounting to life."
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Why More Women Will Become CEOs

Feb 11, 2014 /Women are more collaborative, communicate better, and work better on teams according to Sydney Finkelstein.
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AOL CEO Tim Armstrong: How many chances does he get?

Feb 11, 2014 /Grumbling about Armstrong on social media could impact business according to Sydney Finkelstein.
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Taking Advantage of the Kinder, Gentler Takeover

Feb 10, 2014 /Study by Professor B. Espen Eckbo shows most takeovers aren't hostile anymore.
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