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This new-era brokerage company thinks it can help people profit—literally—from the news

Jul 25, 2014 /Paul Argenti questions the potential conflict of interest he sees in news organizations’ arrangements with former Microsoft executive Hardeep Walia's online-trading firm, Motif…
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GM’s post-recall strategy pays dividends

Jul 25, 2014 /Professor Paul Argenti wants to see GM better explain how it's going to change a corporate culture that led to serious, deadly engineering flaws.
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The Furor Over “Factoryless” Manufacturers

Jul 24, 2014 /Professor Andrew Bernard says companies like Apple should be counted as manufacturers in government statistics.
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The real reasons we make big mistakes

Jul 24, 2014 /Professor Sydney Finkelstein discusses how to manage the risk of false positives and false negatives when making decisions.
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Why high earnings aren’t translating into jobs

Jul 24, 2014 /Associate Dean Matthew Slaughter says firms are adding jobs but not finding qualified applicants.
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Senate Hearing on Tax Law, Corporate Inversions

Jul 23, 2014 /Associate professor Leslie Robinson testifies at yesterday's U.S. Senate hearing on international corporate taxation (minute marks 53:40–58:37).
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The U.S. Tax Code: Love It, Leave It or Reform It!

Jul 22, 2014 /Associate Professor of Business Administration Leslie Robinson gives a witness testimony today during the U.S. Senate hearing of the current U.S. system of international taxation.
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‘Art Of The Deal’ Complex In Corporate Negotiations

Jul 21, 2014 /Adjunct professor Jeff Weiss comments on the challenges inherent in confidential negotiations at large corporations.
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These Are the Companies With the Worst Customer Service

Jul 21, 2014 /Professor Praveen Kopalle is quoted on the customer service reputations of such companies as Bank of America and AT&T.
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Diving Into Big Data and Everything Else Happening at B-Schools This Week

Jul 21, 2014 /Calendar of business school events includes Tuck's Women in Business Coffee Chat, that will take place this Saturday, July 26, in Denver.
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