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Harness your competitive drive

Feb 06, 2014 /Sydney Finkelstein says a strong inner drive is the key to competitive success.
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Stronger Dollar Stores: Low-Price Retail Chains Targeting Upper Valley

Feb 06, 2014 /Praveen Kopalle says Dollars Stores should not seriously impact locally-owned stores in the upper valley.
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CVS’s smart no-smoking strategy

Feb 06, 2014 /Sydney Finkelstein sees the move as a very sensible thing to do.
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How Microsoft’s Global Search Ended at Home

Feb 05, 2014 /Paul Argenti wonders if Microsoft's choice of Satya Nardella as CEO will be seen as a boring, ho-hum announcement.
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Ability to fit into different cultures helps Indians

Feb 05, 2014 /Professor Vijay Govindarajan expects more multinational firms to choose CEOs from developing countries.
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Free Advice for Satya Nadella

Feb 05, 2014 /Microsoft's new CEO has two very strong predecessors hovering over his shoulder.
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Picking a CEO: Microsoft, Others Go With Insiders

Feb 05, 2014 /Sydney Finkelstein sees Satya Nadella as a safe choice.
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Satya Nadella named Microsoft CEO as Bill Gates steps down as chairman

Feb 05, 2014 /Sydney Finkelstein says Microsoft's new CEO needs to instill a level of risk-taking and innovation.
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Under the Radar CEOs Best?

Feb 05, 2014 /Sydney Finkelstein comments on Microsoft's choice of insider Satya Nadella as CEO.
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3 Steps for Joining the Innovation Economy

Feb 03, 2014 /Mentions Vijay Govindarajan and Chris Trimble's concept of “reverse innovation” in which new products developed for emerging markets find their way to developed ones.
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