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The Best CEOs of 2014

Jan 15, 2015 /Sydney Finkelstein discusses the best CEOs of 2014.
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3 big brands that may be going extinct—and how to avoid their mistakes

Jan 14, 2015 /Peter Golder discusses challenges facing marketers including new technology, increasing international competition, and changing consumer tastes.
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There’s a case for companies putting more women on boards, but it’s not profits

Jan 14, 2015 /"Any time someone says you can trace the specific actions of a board of directors to the bottom line of a company, it's highly unlikely except in indirect ways," says Sydney…
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Hiring Increase Expected for Business School Graduates in 2015

Jan 13, 2015 /Reports that "Dartmouth College's Tuck School of Business was in the top five schools for producing the highest paying graduates after graduation."
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Wang Goes ‘Gunning’ for IBM

Jan 13, 2015 /Sydney Finkelstein discusses the rise and fall of Wang Labs and its founder Dr. An Wang.
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Amid Numerous Scandals, College Educators Examine Cheating

Jan 12, 2015 /Quotes Aine Donovan who blames changing cultural values for a nationwide uptick in cheating.
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Business Schools Plug Into Silicon Valley’s Innovation In Teaching

Jan 09, 2015 /Jonathan Masland notes that, "60% more technology companies are hiring this year than last.”
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N.H. Reacts to Possibility of Boston 2024 Summer Olympics

Jan 09, 2015 /NHPR reports on Boston winning the U.S. bid to host the 2024 Olympics, mentioning that a group of Tuck students helped with the development of Boston's plan.
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ECB QE will not make Europe a good investment

Jan 08, 2015 /Mentions research by Jonathan Lewellen and co-authors that "shows interest rate cuts had little impact on US investment between 1952-2010: corporates tend to invest pro-cyclically,…
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Airline changes to frequent-flier programs snub rank-and-file patrons

Jan 08, 2015 /Scott Neslin comments on the changes that United Airlines and Delta Air Lines are making to their loyalty program.
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