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How Ads Can Push Too Hard

Sep 29, 2014 /Amit Bhattacharjee finds that advertisements with aggressive targeting can be a turnoff to consumers.
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With Speedy Transition, Gross May Have an Eye on Legacy

Sep 29, 2014 /Sydney Finkelstein comments on legendary bond investor Bill Gross's move from Pacific Investment Management Co. (Pimco) to Janus Capital Group.
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What is Private Equity?

Sep 26, 2014 /Professor Colin Blaydon is featured in a six-part video series about private equity.
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Targeting advertising to shoppers can backfire

Sep 26, 2014 /Visiting Assistant Professor of Business Administration Amit Bhattacharjee's marketing research found that some target advertisements can have negative consequences.
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5 Things You Should Know About Risk and Your Investments

Sep 25, 2014 /Points to Kenneth French and Eugene Fama's three-factor model used to predict expected returns.
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SAFT ON WEALTH-The contrasting Buffett and Ma ways

Sep 25, 2014 /Points to Kenneth French's research on small-cap growth stocks in order to support the argument that some investments act like lotteries.
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Inversion move counter-productive?

Sep 24, 2014 /Politico points to the Private Equity Growth Capital Council's (PEGCC) six-part video, Private Equity Minute, featuring Colin Blaydon.
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A Handful of Elite Business Schools Are Also Academic Powerhouses

Sep 24, 2014 /Andrew Bernard is mentioned as one of "higher education's rock stars" for his study on multiproduct exporters in Belgium.
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Marketing Backfire

Sep 23, 2014 /Visiting Assistant Professor of Business Administration Amit Bhattacharjee discusses the unintended consequences of a marketing plan that is too effective.
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Seven Faculty Members Named as Society of Fellows Mentors

Sep 23, 2014 /Peter Golder, professor of marketing, will serve as a mentor to postdoctoral scholars as Dartmouth expands its intellectual community.
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