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Hog Grower’s Lawyers Object to Mentions of...

Matt Slaughter noted that Chinese firm Shuanghui, one of the world’s largest pork producers, “wasn't like the state-owned companies commonly found in Communist economies."

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Big Tech, Consulting Firms Poised To Hike MBA...

The percentage of MBA graduates who found jobs in the tech industry at the Tuck School jumped to 18% last year from 13% in 2013.

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The Best B-School Alumni Networks

Poets and Quants refers to Tuck's top spot in The Economist's student poll of alumni network usefulness.

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Network effects

When the Economist asked MBA students which school has the, "most useful alumni network," Tuck topped the list.

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Why is simplicity so complicated?

In his Syd Weighs In column, Sydney Finkelstein writes that sometimes less is actually more.

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Empowering women in rural Rajasthan to tackle malnutrition

In collaboration with Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition (GAIN), Tuck OnSite Global Consulting produced three case studies about improving nutrition for vulnerable groups.

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Finding The Funds For Infrastructure Improvement

Matthew Slaughter discusses the Obama administration's plan to tax American companies' overseas profits to fund infrastructure improvements on, "On Point with Tom Ashbrook."

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What does it mean to say HML is...

Kenneth French and co-author Eugene Fama say that a four-factor model that drops HML captures average returns as well as the five-factor model.

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What lack of global wealth distribution means for...

Matthew Slaughter speaks on the distribution of global wealth and what that means for international trade policy.

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MBA Applications Way Up at Yale, Ross

Poets and Quants reports that Tuck's application round 2 "shows a 'strong year for the quality, diversity, and volume of our applicant pool so far.'"

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What Americans are doing with their gas pump...

Matthew Slaughter says the drop in gasoline prices isn't large enough to make a difference in the budget of most Americans.

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As Regulators Focus on Culture, Wall Street Struggles...

Sydney Finkelstein comments on the difficulty of measuring and regulating the culture of banks.

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