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Keeping up with the millennials: Big expectations, fierce anxieties

Nov 04, 2014 /A study by adjunct assistant professor Alexander Jordan suggests, "if young people spend more time on social media and less interacting in person, 'they may be more prone to…
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Growth In Internal Consulting Opens Up Careers For MBAs

Nov 04, 2014 /Highlights Tuck's 2014 employment numbers, indicating that 40 percent of Tuck's class of 2014 accepted jobs in consulting and strategy functions.
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Mired in Mediocrity

Nov 03, 2014 /A commentator cites Matthew Slaughter's description of the Republican economic agenda as, “a compendium of modest expectations.”
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Small Caps: The Good, Bad and the Ugly

Nov 03, 2014 /Points to Eugene Fama and Ken French's 1992 paper, "The Gross Section of Expected Stock Returns," which showed that U.S. Small Cap stocks tend to outperform the market over time.
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The Academic Week Ahead

Nov 03, 2014 /Highlights Tuck's 2014 Diversity Conference which begins Thursday, Nov. 6.
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How will Europe’s economy escape the doldrums?

Nov 03, 2014 /An opinion piece quotes associate dean Matthew Slaughter on the impact Europe may have on the U.S. economy.
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Civil Rights Icon Julian Bond Visits Dartmouth

Oct 31, 2014 /Dia Draper, MBAPO associate director for strategic initiatives, greeted civil rights leader and educator Julian Bond at the Hanover Inn yesterday.
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Tim Cook, authenticity and America’s (slowly) changing corporate culture

Oct 31, 2014 /Concerning Tim Cook's announcement that he is gay, Sydney Finkelstein says, "We'll know we're at the right place when this is barely news at all."
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The downside of success

Oct 30, 2014 /Sydney Finkelstein compiled a list of five fundamentals that are at the heart of corporate survival.
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Why a GOP Controlled Congress Doesn’t Mean Much for Small Business

Oct 30, 2014 /Associate Dean Matthew Slaughter does not see great potential for job creation in Republican economic proposals.
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