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Why Are So Many Fast-Food Characters Coming Back From the Dead?

Jun 10, 2015 /Kevin Lane Keller explains how the resurgence of iconic fast-food mascots in advertising is a response to the trend of people looking to consume healthier, slow-cooked food.
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3 Digital Publishing Lessons From 9 Years at HBR

Jun 09, 2015 /HBR publisher Joshua Macht says he found wisdom in Building Breakthrough Business Within Established Organizations, a book co-authored by Vijay Govindarajan and Chris Trimble.
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MBA interns are making as much as $2,000 a week

Jun 09, 2015 /Jon Masland, director of the Career Development Office, points out that with a thriving economy MBAs are able to be more selective about their internship offers.
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Johnson & Johnson Goes Back to Campus for New Hires

Jun 08, 2015 /Meg Moran T'14, Bridge '07, who was hired at Johnson & Johnson shortly after graduating, says the company’s orientation and leadership programs helped her quickly find her place.
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Women In Business School: Slow Progress On Closing Gender Wage Gap

Jun 08, 2015 /Sally Jaeger explains how Tuck is providing women with the tools they need to succeed and preparing them to take on senior management roles.
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Tuck School’s Inaugural Marketing Symposium Showcases The Benefits Of Academic-Practitioner Exchange

Jun 04, 2015 /Recap of the inaugural Tuck Marketing Symposium highlights the benefits of academic-practitioner exchange and the event that was held in early May.
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When Diet Drugs Actually Make You Gain Weight

Jun 03, 2015 /Amit Bhattacharjee found that being exposed to marketing messages for diet pills changed people's eating decisions—and not for the better.
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Get Your Organization Ready for 3D Printing

Jun 02, 2015 /Richard D'Aveni says that the flexibility and versatility of 3D printing will eventually make it the preferred manufacturing method in many industries.
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The bizarre thing that happens when people take diet drugs

May 28, 2015 /Amit Bhattacharjee says, "There's a funny, kind of counterintuitive thing that happens when many people take weight-loss drugs: they gain weight."
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The trouble with being too confident

May 28, 2015 /Sydney Finkelstein argues that, "too much self-confidence means you start missing the warning signs that you might be wrong."
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