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Alibaba’s Behemoth IPO Making Few Ripples in Washington

Jul 11, 2014 /Anant Sundaram, visiting professor of business administration, is quoted on Alibaba's initial public offering (IPO): "This is going to be a watershed IPO … It just puzzles me that…
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The Most Influential CMOs on Twitter

Jul 10, 2014 /Jeff Hirsch T’99, CMO of Time Warner Cable is listed as one of the most influential CMOs on Twitter!
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Kumbaya For Value Investors And Quants

Jul 10, 2014 /Forbes reports that Sarah Ketterer T’87 “is probably the most successful female money manager in the business.”
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Ask the Expert: MBA Jobs Clinic

Jul 10, 2014 /In this Q&A transcript of today's FT Jobs clinic, Stephen Pidgeon T'07 lends advice for interview prep and career changes.
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What’s in a Name? Ask the Other Isis

Jul 09, 2014 /Professor Kevin Lane Keller says it's not ideal branding when a firm shares its name with a terrorist organization.
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$240,000 Isn’t Enough?! Why Liberal Arts Majors Are Paying Extra to Learn Job Skills

Jul 08, 2014 /Tuck's Business Bridge Program is mentioned in this story on how liberal arts colleges are providing programs for students to gain real-world business skills.
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A company’s best dealmaking asset is a 65-year-old CEO

Jul 07, 2014 /An article on the study by Dirk Jenter and Katharina Lewellen, associate professor of business administration at Tuck, on the link between CEO age and corporate takeovers.
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How MBA Students Network Their Way To Career Success

Jul 03, 2014 /Fay Gosiengfiao T'11 highlights her time at Tuck and the alumni network: "It was a really immersive experience."
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MBA Clubs: Dartmouth College, Tuck – Luxury And Retail Club

Jul 03, 2014 /T'15 Vivian Alvarez, co-chair of Tuck's Luxury and Retail Club, explains why you should invest in luxury goods over traditional asset classes.
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Green cards pay for new hotels

Jul 03, 2014 /John Vogel discusses a new Los Angeles hotel that is almost completely financed by investor visas, known as EB-5 visas.
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