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New psychology study shows ‘extroversion bias’ distorts our view of friends

Apr 08, 2015 /Continued coverage of a study by Daniel Feiler and Adam Kleinbaum comparing the social networks of introverts and extraverts.
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Tuck administrators, students prepare for global experience requirement

Apr 08, 2015 /Tuck faculty, staff and students comment on the global insight requirement that was announced in September.
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Creator of the term ‘Reverse Innovation’ says India has a ‘leadership deficit’

Apr 07, 2015 /Vijay Govindarajan talks about the problems plaguing higher education in India and the US and also the benefits of 'reverse innovation.'
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Lots of Facebook friends? Doesn’t mean you’re popular

Apr 07, 2015 /Daniel Feiler and Adam Kleinbaum took the well-known friendship paradox and extended it to real-world social dynamics.
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Tuck School of Business team co-hosts summit in Cairo

Apr 02, 2015 /Extensive story on the experiential learning summit in Cairo co-hosted by Tuck with the American University in Cairo School of Business and the Global Business School Network.
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Sled Hockey Gives Everyone a Chance to Hit the Ice

Apr 02, 2015 /The Valley News reports on Saturday's sled hockey scrimmage between Ice Vets, a local nonprofit that provides adaptive sport opportunities to veterans with disabilities, and Tuck.
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Religious Freedom Debate Draws Out Companies

Apr 02, 2015 /Sydney Finkelstein comments on tech executives taking a stance on controversial issues in light of the Religious Freedom Restoration Act recently proposed in Arkansas.
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How Wall Street Middlemen Help Silicon Valley Employees Cash In Early

Apr 01, 2015 /Anant Sundaram calls a hedge fund manager's prediction of Uber's future earnings, "outlandish."
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Indiana Lawmakers Move to Clarify Religious-Objections Law

Apr 01, 2015 /Sydney Finkelstein comments on how company chiefs historically have handled controversial issues.
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Grad school rankings consistent with previous years

Mar 31, 2015 /Dean Paul Danos discusses U.S. News & World Report's 2016 business school rankings, in which Tuck was ranked #9.
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