Tuck School and Doremus Create Communications Effectiveness Index

For Immediate Release: March 5, 2012
Contact: Kim Keating, 603-646-2733

The Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth joined forces with global business communications agency, Doremus to create the first ever communications effectiveness index.  The partnership conducted research to identify the most important messaging attributes from the customers’ point of view, and revealed links to actual buyer behavior.  The study will help marketers learn how their messages are resonating with their desired customers and gain a stronghold in the marketplace through their communications.

Key findings show:

  • There are 8 key attributes that drive effective communications
  • While these 8 attributes are consistent across multiple industries, the rank order or importance for each of these attributes differs materially, industry to industry
  • The choice of channels for communication also impacts communications effectiveness and differs materially industry to industry
  • By understanding the correct priorities of messaging attributes coupled with channel selection, a company can have meaningful impact on buying behavior

“The study gives marketers permission to continue what they’ve been doing right, and a deeper understanding of what they could do better to enhance their communication efforts,” said Paul Argenti, Professor of Corporate Communication at the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth. 

The Index measures the key drivers of customer engagement by industry as they relate to overall communications effectiveness, and how those drivers affect purchase consideration. Spanning nine industries in major sectors of the economy including; Airlines, Hotels, Commercial Insurance, Enterprise Software, Health Insurance, Property and Causality Insurance, Network Communications, Personal Computers, and Pharmaceuticals, then focusing on the six to eight largest companies in each industry, the Index surveys actual customers responsible for making purchasing decisions within each industry.

“This study comes at the perfect time: companies are striving to gain greater share of both minds and wallets,” according to Carl Anderson, CEO of Doremus. “Partnering with Tuck allowed us to combine both the academic and the commercial perspectives to create an amazing piece of actionable insight for marketers.”

Business decision-makers and consumers were asked to recall and rate communications across all eight attributes. Then they were asked to what degree these communications would actually influence buying behavior in terms of wanting to find out more about the company’s product, buy it, or recommend it to others.  In terms of overall persuasion scores, there was very little homogeneity across the nine industries.  However, industries in some companies were clearly more adept at hitting the right communication chords than their competitors. 

“It appears that not only are there different communications dynamics between business and consumer sectors, but each industry has its own unique set of dynamics,” explained Hope Picker, Director of Strategic Research for Doremus.

Never has the communication landscape been more complex, and never has the pressure to link communications efforts to true behavior changes been greater.

To learn more about the Doremus/Tuck Communication Effectiveness Index, contact Hope Picker, Doremus Director of Research, at hpicker@doremus.com.

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