OnSite Global Consulting

OnSite Global Consulting (OnSite) offers a wide range of international consulting services to corporations, not-for-profits, and governments for a remarkably affordable fee. OnSite can provide your organization with some of the most competent and cost-effective consulting available.

Second-­year Tuck students, most of whom have more than five years of professional business experience, work with you to understand project issues and management concerns and set objectives and scope. Team members then spend more than 1,000 hours researching the relevant industry and interviewing key stakeholders both at Tuck and in the project’s home country. This extensive data collection is followed by a period of synthesis and solid, in-­depth evaluation. The result is a set of professional deliverables, including a formal presentation and all supporting materials, focused on providing you with actionable and appropriate recommendations. Prior clients state that the results rival the best work of established, commercial consultants at a fraction of the cost. In fact, team members often go to work at these same consulting firms after graduation.

To date, OnSite has completed 183 projects for 120 clients in more than 50 countries on six continents.