Program Details

Tuck Global Consultancy provides an excellent opportunity for companies to pursue strategic initiatives.

Organizations facing internal or external challenges or looking to take advantage of international business opportunities often do not have the time, budget, or human resources to take action. Tuck Global Consultancy (TGC) teams can provide cost-effective solutions to these problems. A typical TGC team spends over 1,000 person-hours on each client engagement, provides clients with in-depth analysis and specific recommendations on discrete topics, and does all this work below market cost.

The process begins when a client engages a team of Tuck MBA candidates to complete a consulting assignment in an international location. Projects are short-term and highly focused, and concentrate on delivering immediate solutions to specific operational and business development challenges.

A team is typically composed of six to eight members chosen from a pool of talented applicants for project skills, language abilities and work experience. All participants are in their final year of the Tuck MBA program. A Tuck Team Advisor who has extensive consulting experience and often topic expertise supervises the team.

The project runs over a 11-13 week period, divided into three phases. In Phase One (four to six weeks), the team works with the client to refine project scope, confirm deliverables, develop project process, and begin secondary research.  In Phase Two (three weeks), the team works full-time conducting primary research and performing rigorous analysis in the international location(s). The team reports to the client at the end of this period with an executive summary of findings, a set of actionable recommendations and a presentation to overseas-based management explaining the process and results. In Phase Three (four to six weeks), the team completes final reports and makes presentations to the client based on any additional input from management at the end of Phase Two.

Projects are conducted three times a year. Summer Track runs from mid-June through late September.  Winter Track runs from early October through mid-January.  Spring Track runs from early February through mid-April.

TGC engagements are not-for-profit. Clients are resposible for reimbursing the program for the project-related expenses which includes a program fee to help offset TGC’s administrative costs, plus all travel and project-related expenses (accommodation, airfare, meal allowances, etc.) for a team of six students and a Team Advisor.

The following are policies and procedures for TGC students and Team Advisors. Tuck provides the maximum possible expense documentation.

  • Students travel economy class, while Team Advisors travel business class. When booking flights, Tuck keeps costs at the lowest level possible, consistent with both safety and tight schedules.
  • Students receive a fractional and Team Advisors a full per diem allowance based on US State Department rates to cover all meals and personal incidental expenses during business travel.
  • Teams stay in good, moderately priced business hotels, chosen to meet the rates approved under the US State Department per diem requirements for the city of assignment. Student rooms are single occupancy.
  • Clients are billed for all other relevant costs, such as additional inter- or intra-country travel, office space, business calls, copying, postage, and visas, if required.


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