Ali Bachani T'14

“Tuck made me more comfortable in my own shoes, and more aware of how I can impact change in the organizations around me.”

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Why Tuck?

When I was looking at MBA programs, one of my friends kept insisting that I look at Tuck. I didn’t want to live in a big city because I knew how little community interaction there is in such environments. When I visited Hanover and Tuck, I just felt like it was the right place.

Paying it Forward

I remembered the amazing hospitality from when I attended Tuck’s Diversity Conference—everyone made me feel at home. When I got here, I wanted to pay that forward by helping out with the Diversity Conference and our Small Group Dinners. At Tuck, it’s possible to really get to know your classmates and professors in ways that it isn’t at other schools.

An Immersive Experience

Tuck gives you the opportunity to really immerse yourself in the community. The relationships you make here are truly for life, and everybody’s willing to take that extra step to make international students feel at home. I think that’s pretty important, especially for someone in the U.S. for the first time.

A Team For Life

I’m ready to take my next professional step thanks to the help I got from alums, classmates, professors, and everyone else here. I knew coming in that I wanted to do consulting, and the support I’ve received has been extraordinary. That’s typical of Tuck. The feedback we got across the class from our summer experiences was how good Tuck students are at working in teams. That’s one of the most important ways Tuck prepares us to be successful.


    Lehigh University, BS, computer science and business; BS, economics, 2007


    Deutsche Bank, New York, assistant vice president, change management, 2011-2012; team lead/assistant vice president, Manila, Philippines, 2010-11; associate, business analyst/project manager, London, UK, 2009-10


    Strategy in Innovation Ecosystems; Leadership in the Global Economy; Countries and Companies in the International Economy; Innovation Execution; Intro to Entrepreneurship


    Diversity Conference, co-chair; Center for Global Business and Government, fellow; Diversity and Inclusion Task Force, co-chair; Business and Society Conference; Men’s Tripod Hockey


    Tuck Student Consulting Services; First-Year Project on a peer-to-peer learning platform; Center for Global Business and Government Fellowship Project: Working with a nonprofit in Detroit on a technology incubator


    South Africa Learning Expedition; travel to Brazil and Chile with Tuck classmates over winter break; Alaska cross-country ski trip led by a classmate over spring break


    Summer Associate, McKinsey & Company, London, UK


    Small Group Dinners with classmates, faculty and staff; meaningful interactions with professors Matthew Slaughter and Ron Adner


    Associate, McKinsey & Company, London, UK


    Tuck made me more comfortable in my own shoes, better at networking, more adept at asking the right questions, and more aware of how I can impact change in organizations.

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