• Why Tuck?

    From Day 1, I had a positive experience with Tuck. The admissions office put me in touch with a couple of British students who welcomed me to Tuck, answered my questions, and even suggested I stay in the residence halls so they could better show me the Tuck experience. They were integral to making my first visit such a positive one. That sense of community convinced me that Tuck was an environment I could thrive in during my two years here.

    Singular Experiences

    It’s hard to pick a favorite experience because you follow such a multitude of passions while you’re at Tuck. I’ve been quite passionate about a couple of the clubs I help lead, one of which is the Tuck Rugby Club. I’ve been privileged to play alongside an incredible band of brothers these past two years, to introduce new people to the game, and to build greater connectivity between the various other Dartmouth graduate institutions that make up our team. Our team’s two trips to the annual MBA Rugby World Cup have been some of my most memorable and singularly positive experiences at Tuck.

    An International Focus

    As an international student, you often do not have a big network when you first move here. However, international students are readily embraced by the Tuck community, which fosters a sense of hominess and helps you build a new network that will be so critical to your future success. Although Hanover is not a major international city, during my two years here I was able to significantly expand my global mindset. One such opportunity came via a Tuck Global Consultancy project involving infant nutrition in India—a country I had always wanted to visit—where I got to work in an unfamiliar business environment, travel to various parts of the country, learn about Indian culture, and, I hope, help have a positive impact on local nutrition.

    The Tuck Takeaway

    The most powerful lessons I’ve learned at Tuck have come from my classmates, whether inside or outside the classroom. Specifically, how do you constructively work with, influence, and—where necessary—lead your peers? I have really valued developing my teamwork and leadership skills, as ultimately, your future success will depend on how effectively you can lead smart, talented, and highly motivated people.

    Lifelong Community

    Tuck is a place for someone who wants to be engaged and make an impact. Tuck is not a place for someone to sit on the sidelines. The continuity of this community relies so heavily on the involvement of current students and alumni, whether it is running events, helping colleagues prepare for interviews or find jobs, leading clubs or teams, or starting a new initiative. The fabric of Tuck is fundamentally comprised of the people who come here willing to be involved and who continue to make this community the uniquely special place it is. I am truly honored to be part of it.


      London School of Economics and Political Science, LLB, 2006


      Augusta & Co, London, UK, investment banking associate; Evercore, London, UK, investment banking analyst


      Operations Management; Corporate Responsibility; Leadership in the Global Economy; CEO Experience


      Tuck Rugby Club, captain; Tuck Consulting Club, president; Tuck Ambassadors Program; Tripod hockey; Annual Corporate Restructuring Competition, winner


      First-Year Project to evaluate the net metering market for an innovative wind turbine manufacturer; Outward Bound; volunteer counselor at Hole in the Wall Gang Camp; Upper Valley Haven volunteer


      Tuck Global Consultancy project advising a global nonprofit on their investment in a large-scale nutrition program in Andhra Pradesh, India; Japan Learning Expedition


      McKinsey & Co., Boston, Mass., summer associate


      McKinsey & Co., Boston, Mass., associate


      Tuck helped transform me, both professionally and personally. Professionally, I have been able to target opportunities not otherwise available and found a post-Tuck role that will help accelerate my career. Personally, I have learned from and been inspired by my classmates, many of whom I now call my close friends.

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