Dave Adams T'08

“Tuck provides leadership opportunities I didn’t think I’d find in an academic setting.”

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Why Tuck?

The joke goes like this: ‘There are three rules to successful leadership. Rule No. 1: surround yourself with a great team…and I can’t remember the other two.’ It’s pretty easy to accomplish Rule No. 1 at Tuck because the people are amazing. Tuck has a unique take on leadership and a unique, resource-intensive method of teaching it. In my second year, I chaired the school’s Business & Society Conference—15 events, a dozen corporate sponsors, 500 attendees, 75 volunteers—and I couldn’t have done it without my classmates. I was a leadership instructor in the Marine Corps, and after that experience I was unsure if I’d ever again be surrounded by a group of people who believe in leadership development so strongly. Tuck provides leadership opportunities I didn’t think I’d find in an academic setting. I am a much more well-rounded leader because of my time here.

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