• Why Tuck?

    No one ever told me to stop. I moved from neuroscience research right into an exhilarating job in the field I was passionate about. I was working at incredible depth as a consultant—a problem solver—experiencing the health care business as few people ever could. And my trajectory was aimed at becoming a partner. But then I had an intense realization: I wanted options for my career and for the rest of my life that an MBA could offer. I wanted a program strong in health care, but I also realized that I needed the strategic skills that come with broad preparation: unlimited opportunities, sacrificing nothing. I wanted to work with high-caliber people—faculty, alumni, and peers. I realized that Tuck had the passion, commitment, and support I need.

    • Prior Education

      Dartmouth College, AB, 2005

    • Before Tuck

      National Institute of Mental Health, research assistant intern, 2004; Health Advances LLC, progressing from analyst to consultant, Weston, Mass., 2005-09

    • Tuck Electives

      Entrepreneurship and Innovation Strategy; Strategy in Innovation Ecosystems Research-to-Practice Seminar; Professional Decision Modeling; Negotiations; Women and Leadership; Contemporary Issues in Biotech

    • Activities

      Forté Foundation Fellow; Healthcare Initiative Fellow,]; Center for Leadership Fellow; Revers Board Fellow at David’s House, 2010 Admitted Students Weekend, co-chair; Women’s Hockey, co-captain; Tuck Volunteers Club, co-chair; Women in Business; Healthcare Club

    • Experiential Learning

      First-Year Project, optimizing new-product entry into the OR/Shoulder Service at an area medical center; Venture Capital Investment Competition; viral-marketing case competition

    • Global Experiences

      Japan Trek; Tuck Global Consultancy agricultural market study on crop-protection products in the Baltic States; internship at Pfizer focused on supporting R&D expansion to their second site in Mainland China

    • Summer Internship

      Pfizer Inc., R&D Strategic Management Group

    • Key Tuck Encounters

      Access to visiting executives; interactions with faculty and administrators

    • After Tuck

      Health Advances, manager, Weston, Mass.

    • My Tuck Transformation

      The education, experiences, network, and confidence to take my career wherever I want it to go.

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