Maryn K. Juergens T'15

“Choosing Tuck was the difference between wanting just an education and wanting an education and a transformative experience.”

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Why Tuck?

My undergrad experience was not near a big city, which I liked since everything happened on campus. From everyone I talked to, it seemed that there was a similar feeling at Tuck. In fact, everyone I talked to about Tuck just loved it—there was this huge outpouring from the heart at any mention of the word “Tuck.” I thought, That’s exactly what I want.

The Extra Edge

For me, choosing Tuck was the difference between wanting just an education and wanting an education and a transformative experience with new friends and a new community for life. So I interviewed over Skype, did early decision, paid my money, and came to Admitted Students Weekend committed, sight unseen. When I got here, I was like, “Thank goodness I actually love this place.” But I had a hunch that I would.

A Well-Rounded Education

Getting involved is the nature of Tuck—you’re surrounded by people you care about so you want to help them and vice versa. It’s also really easy to find an outlet for your passions here, whatever they might be. I’m a certified group fitness instructor and have taught all types of classes for the past eight years. When I arrived here, I wanted to integrate that passion into my Tuck life, and thus I started a “Tuck Bootcamp,” open to anyone.

An Entrepreneurial Environment

During winter term, I started my own barre class—“MarBarre,”—and four times a week, I lead Tuckies through it. I owe it all to assistant dean Sally Jaeger, who’s done such an incredible job supporting me. I told her, “This is what I did in my old life and I’d like to do something like it here,” and she said, “OK, let’s go for whatever you need to make this happen.”

Putting It All Together

I come from a liberal arts and tech background so the reason I came to business school was to better understand how the business world worked. Now I am getting the foundation of business expertise I wanted so I can fit the pieces together for whatever my next step will be. Gaining that new perspective is true for my friendships here too. In the eight months since I came to Tuck, I’ve already been blessed with deep, lifelong friends. These individuals are the most intelligent, creative, supportive, and fun friends that I’ve ever met and could ever have asked for.


    Whitman College, BA, 2010


    Microsoft, Seattle, Wash, 2010-13, operations program manager; Flywheel Sports, Seattle, Wash., 2011-13, cycling instructor


    Professional Decision Modeling; Managerial Accounting


    Tuck Student Board, quality of life chair; Tuck Triathlon Club, co-chair; Tuck Student Consultancy Services; Tuck Gives; Women in Business; Business and Society Conference; Wharton Private Equity Case Competition; Admissions blogger


    First-Year Project for Brooks Running Company; Tuck Student Consulting Services value assessment and future state planning for the literacy nonprofit Everybody Wins


    South Africa Learning Expedition


    Goldman Sachs, Seattle, Wash., private wealth associate


    Brooks Running Company CEO Jim Weber T’86


    Tuck is all about the community, and I have been transformed by the kindness, compassion, intelligence, and humility of my peers.

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